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What are the coolest things about Game Changers AUM? As a student, you will be exposed to meeting and learning from different business professionals from many different fields.  As a teenager you may be uncertain about the things you need to be successful in your future career.  At Game Changers you will be exposed to different professionals.  Lets say for example you always wanted to be a fashion designer.  We will bring in professional fashion designers for you to meet and learn about what it really means to be a fashion designer and what college and experience it has taken these designers to get to where they are at.  Lets say you want to go into law enforcement, I will bring in real officers and detectives to let you know what it means to be in law enforcement.  


The full day event, will have an awesome breakfast, snacks, catered lunch, and an etiquette dinner.  The end of the day will have a secret swag bag full of gifts.  2015 Swag Bag had clothes, wireless speakers, jewerly and so on.  We look forward to helping you on your journey. 

Resume Building

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Mock Interviews


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College Personal Statements

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