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Game Changers An Urban Movement (AUM), is the brain child of attorney Isai Bismark Cortez, Esq. of Bismark Tax, Inc. and Rickey Williams of Whittier Christian College. Isai Bismark Cortez, Esq. came from humble beginnings growing up in the inner-city and having gone through a rough road that so many kids in the inner-city face.  Isai was raised in a single parent home, grew up poor, hung out with gangs and suffered many hardships.  Isai was able to turn his life around and went on to attend community college LAVC, and recieved an A.A. in business economics, attended C.S.U.N. and recevied a B.S. in Business Administration, attended Penn State Law and received a J.D. in Law and attended UCLA School of Law and received an L.L.M. (Masters of Law).  Rickey Williams worked at SEA Charter Schools (high school) for over 18 years.  He saw the struggles, plight and hardships that all his students faced.  He noticed the huge baggage of oppression that comes to indigent communities and how that affects their ability to move on in life.  
During a conversation Isai and Rickey were kicking around ideas on what they could do to help the kids after they leave high school.  They decided to create a full day bootcamp type experience that would teach the kids all the life skills that so many of us take for granted.  Things that are not learned at the home for these kids due to external factors.  Isai asked all his professional friends if they were willing to come in for a day and was blown away by the positive response. Lawyers agreed, doctors agreed, accountants agreed, executives agreed, business owners agreed and so the program was created.  We are looking to continue giving back to the kids and opening new opportunities for them.  
Our Philosophy

We would rather struggle creating an environment that fosters a child's future, than create an environment that comfortably fits the status quo where inner city kids have a better chance at prison, than they do at attending college. 

Our Commitment 

We are committed to helping inner-city kids achieve their dreams of a better life through higher education. We are here to help them deal with the challenges of getting into college. 

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